Unearth the myth in long-range interacting systems

Recent research demystifies the effects of long-range interactions on physical systems. Our quantum Monte Carlo simulations and field theoretical analysis on (2+1)-dimensional O(3) quantum critical points and two-dimensional Néel states with long-range interactions have uncovered the critical exponents of quantum critical points influenced by long-range interactions exhibit three distinct renormalization group fixed points (Phys. Rev. B 109, L081114 (2024) Editor's suggestion). At finite temperature, our unbiased investigation demonstrated the spontaneous breaking of SU(2) symmetry in Heisenberg model with 1/r^α-form long-range interactions beyond the Mermin-Wagner theorem. Critical exponents have been determined for different ranges of α, revealing new critical behaviors (npj Quantum Mater. 8, 59 (2023)). These works encourage further theoretical and experimental studies of quantum materials with long-range interactions, expanding our understanding beyond locality.

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