Evidence of the topological KT phase of TMGO

Quantum materials are becoming the cornerstone for the continuous prosperity of human society, including the next-generation AI computing chips that go beyond Moore’s law, the high-speed Maglev train, and the topological unit for quantum computers, etc. However, these complicated systems require modern computational techniques and advanced analysis to reveal their microscopic mechanism. Continue reading


有的童话穿越历史,变成了一个民族心中的文化图腾,如西游记之于中国人,安徒生和格林童话之于欧洲人。有的童话停留的时间稍短,但也是一代人甚至几代人心中共同的启蒙故事,如《星际旅行》、《铁臂阿童木》、《机器猫》甚至《哈利波特》。对中国的孩子来说,尤其是在1980年代至1990年代成长起来的孩子,这样的童话应属皮皮鲁和鲁西西的故事了。Continue reading