Xu Zhang

PhD candidate

Department of Physics, HKU

Room 525, CYM Physics Building

Email: zx0417@connect.hku.hk

Research interest

Strongly Correlated System: Numerical solution for model system or real material
General Many-body System: Analytical and numerical algorithm


Sep 2020 - present

University of Hong Kong
Supervised by Ziyang Meng
PhD student

Jul 2019 - Aug 2020

Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Co-supervised by Jiangping Hu, Ziyang Meng
Research Assistant

Sep 2015 - Jul 2019

Nankai University
Co-supervised by Jiangping Hu, Liang Jin
Bachelor of Science in Physics


Oct 24, 2022

“Quantum Monte Carlo sign bounds, topological Mott insulator and thermodynamic transitions in twisted bilayer graphene model”
Xu Zhang, Gaopei Pan, Bin-Bin Chen, Heqiu Li, Kai Sun, Zi Yang Meng
arXiv:2210.11733 (2022)

Jul 18, 2022

“Thermodynamic characteristic for correlated flat-band system with quantum anomalous Hall ground state”
Gaopei Pan, Hongyu Lu, Heqiu Li, Xu Zhang, Bin-Bin Chen, Kai Sun, Zi Yang Meng
arXiv:2207.07133 (2022)

Jun 14, 2022

“Fermion sign bounds theory in quantum Monte Carlo simulation”
Xu Zhang, Gaopei Pan, Xiao Yan Xu, Zi Yang Meng
Phys. Rev. B 106, 035121 (2022)
arXiv:2113.06139 (2021)

Nov 19 , 2021

“Superconductivity and bosonic fluid emerging from Moiré flat bands”
Xu Zhang, Kai Sun, Heqiu Li, Gaopei Pan, Zi Yang Meng
Phys. Rev. B 106, 184517 (2022) Editors' Suggestion
arXiv:2111.10018 (2021)

Aug 28 , 2021

“Dynamic properties of collective excitations in twisted bilayer Graphene”
Gaopei Pan, Xu Zhang, Heqiu Li, Kai Sun, Zi Yang Meng
Phys. Rev. B 105, L121110 (2022)
arXiv:2108.12559 (2021)

May 14 , 2021

“Momentum space quantum Monte Carlo on twisted bilayer Graphene”
Xu Zhang, Gaopei Pan, Yi Zhang, Jian Kang, Zi Yang Meng
Chin. Phys. Lett. 38, 077305 (2021) Express Letters (2021)
arXiv:2105.07010 (2021)


Aug 22, 2022

阿龙探案蒙特卡洛符号问题  Start reading