Zheng Yan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Physics, University of Hong Kong

Room 217, HOC Building

Email: zhengyan@hku.hk; zhengyan_phys@foxmail.com

Research interest

Quantum many-body physics;
Developing related algorithms; 
Quantum simulation and computing;

2013 - 2019 Fudan University
PhD's degree in Theoretical physics
2009 - 2013 Dalian University of Technology
Bachelor's Degree in Electronic science and technology

Publications (* Corresponding author; # Contribute equally)

Emergent Glassy Behavior in a Kagome Rydberg Atom Array
Zheng Yan, Yan-Cheng Wang, Rhine Samajdar, Subir Sachdev*, and Zi Yang Meng*
Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 206501 (2023)
arXiv:2301.07127 (2023)
Detecting Subsystem Symmetry Protected Topological Order Through Strange Correlators
Chengkang Zhou, Meng-Yuan Li, Zheng Yan, Peng Ye*, Zi Yang Meng*
arXiv:2209.12917 (2022)
Fully packed quantum loop model on the square lattice: phase diagram and application for Rydberg atoms
Xiaoxue Ran, Zheng Yan*, Yan-Cheng Wang, Junchen Rong, Yang Qi, Zi Yang Meng*
arXiv:2209.10728 (2022)
Fully packed quantum loop model on the triangular lattice: Hidden vison plaquette phase and cubic phase transitions
Zheng Yan#, Xiaoxue Ran#, Yan-Cheng Wang, Rhine Samajdar, Junchen Rong, Subir Sachdev, Yang Qi*, Zi Yang Meng*
arXiv:2205.04472 (2022)
Height-conserving quantum dimer models
Zheng Yan, Zi Yang Meng*, David A. Huse, Amos Chan*
Phys. Rev. B 106, L041115 (2022) Editors' Suggestion
arXiv:2204.01740 (2022)
Evolution of Dynamical Signature in the X-cube Fracton Topological Order
Chengkang Zhou, Meng-Yuan Li, Zheng Yan*, Peng Ye*, Zi Yang Meng
Phys. Rev. Research 4.033111 (2022)
Triangular lattice quantum dimer model with variable dimer density
Zheng Yan, Rhine Samajdar, Yan-Cheng Wang, Subir Sachdev*, Zi Yang Meng*
arXiv:2202.11100 (2022)
Measuring Rényi entanglement entropy with high efficiency and precision in quantum Monte Carlo simulations
Jiarui Zhao, Bin-Bin Chen, Yan-Cheng Wang, Zheng Yan, Meng Cheng*, Zi Yang Meng*
npj Quantum Materials 7, 69 (2022)
arXiv:2112.15178 (2021)
Unlocking the general relationship between energy and entanglement spectra via the wormhole effect
Zheng Yan*, 
Zi Yang Meng*
Nature Communications 14, 2360 (2023)
arXiv:2112.05886 (2021)
Bulk and edge dynamics of a 2D Affleck-Kennedy-Lieb-Tasaki model
Zenan Liu, Jun Li, Rui-Zhen Huang, Jun Li, Zheng Yan*, Dao-Xin Yao*
Phys. Rev. B 105, 014418 (2022)
arXiv:2109.10901 (2021)
Scaling of entanglement entropy at deconfined quantum criticality
Jiarui Zhao, Yan-Cheng Wang, Zheng Yan, Meng Cheng*, Zi Yang Meng*
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 010601 (2022)
arXiv:2107.06305 (2021) 
Emergent Rokhsar-Kivelson point in realistic quantum Ising models
Zheng Zhou, Zheng Yan, Changle Liu*, Yan Chen, Xue-Feng Zhang
arXiv:2106.05518 (2021) 
Quantum annealing meets topology
Zheng Yan#*, Zheng Zhou#, Yan-Cheng Wang, Zi Yang Meng*, Xue-Feng Zhang*
arXiv:2105.07134 (2021)
Phase Diagram of Triangular Lattice Quantum Ising Model under External Field
Yuan Da Liao, Han Li,  Zheng Yan, Hao-Tian Wei, Wei Li*, Yang Qi*, Zi Yang Meng*
Phys. Rev. B 103, 104416 (2021)
arXiv:2101.11610 (2021) 
Higher-form symmetry breaking at Ising transitions
Jiarui Zhao, Zheng Yan, Meng Cheng*, Zi Yang Meng*
Phys. Rev. Research 3, 033024 (2021)
arXiv:2011.12543 (2020)
Global scheme of sweeping cluster algorithm to sample among topological sectors
Zheng Yan
Phys. Rev. B 105, 184432 (2022)
arXiv:2011.08457 (2020)
Quantum dynamics of topological strings in a frustrated Ising antiferromagnet
Zheng Zhou, Changle Liu, Zheng Yan*, Yan Chen*, Xue-Feng Zhang*
npj Quantum Materials 7, 60 (2022)
arXiv:2010.01750 (2020)
Vestigial Anyon Condensation on Kagome Quantum Spin Liquids
Yan-Cheng Wang, Zheng Yan, Chenjie Wang, Qi Yang*, Zi Yang Meng*
Phys. Rev. B 103, 014408 (2021)
arXiv:2009.00070 (2020)
Amplitude Mode in Quantum Magnets via Dimensional Crossover
Chengkang Zhou, Zheng Yan, Kai Sun*, Oleg A. Starykh*, Zi Yang Meng*
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 227201 (2021)
arXiv:2007.12715 (2020)
Topological phase transition and single/multi anyon dynamics of Z2 spin liquid
Zheng Yan, Yan-Cheng Wang, Nvsen Ma, Yang Qi*, Zi Yang Meng*
npj Quantum Materials 6, 39 (2021)
arXiv:2007.11161 (2020)
Quantum tricriticality of incommensurate phase induced by quantum domain walls in frustrated Ising magnetism
Zheng Zhou, Dong-Xu Liu, Zheng Yan*, Yan Chen*, Xue-Feng Zhang*
arXiv:2005.11133 (2020)
Effective p-wave Fermi-Fermi interaction induced by bosonic superfluids
Yongzheng Wu, Zheng Yan, Zhi Lin, Jie Lou*, Yan Chen*
Scientific Reports 10, 10822 (2020)
arXiv:2001.00420 (2020)
Widely existing mixed phase structure of the quantum dimer model on a square lattice
Zheng Yan#, Zheng Zhou#, Olav F Syljuåsen, Junhao Zhang, Tianzhong Yuan, Jie Lou*, Yan Chen*
Phys.Rev.B. 103, 094421 (2021)
arXiv: 1911.05433 (2019)
Universal critical behavior in the ferromagnetic superconductor Eu(Fe0.75Ru0.25)2As2
Zheng Zhou, WT Jin*, Wei Li*, S Nandi, B Ouladdiaf, Zheng Yan*, Xinyuan Wei, Xuguang Xu, WH Jiao, N Qureshi, Y Xiao, Y Su, GH Cao, Th Brückel
Phys.Rev.B 100, 060406(R) (2019)
arXiv:1904.07417 (2019)
Sweeping cluster algorithm for quantum spin systems with strong geometric restrictions
Zheng Yan*, Yongzheng Wu, Chenrong Liu, Olav F Syljuåsen, Jie Lou*, Yan Chen*
Phys.Rev.B 99,165135(2019)
arXiv:1809.05792 (2018)
Interacting lattice systems with quantum dissipation: a quantum Monte Carlo study
Zheng Yan, Lode Pollet, Jie Lou, Xiaoqun Wang, Yan Chen*, Zi Cai*
Phys.Rev.B 97,035148(2018)
arXiv:1704.00606 (2017)

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