Menghan Song

PhD candidate

Department of Physics, HKU

Room 217, HOC Building


Research interest

Quantum Monte Carlo simulation, Quantum many-body systems

Aug 2022 - present The University of Hong Kong
PhD student
Sep. 2018- Jun 2022 The University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Science, Physics
Jan 2, 2023 “Dynamical properties of quantum many-body systems with long range interactions”
Menghan Song, Jiarui Zhao, Chengkang Zhou, Zi Yang Meng
arXiv:2301.00829 (2022)
Oct 18, 2022 “Reversing the Li and Haldane conjecture: The low-lying entanglement spectrum can also resemble the bulk energy spectrum”
Menghan Song, Jiarui Zhao, Zheng Yan, Zi Yang Meng
arXiv:2210.10062 (2022)
2022 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HK-PF), Research Grants Council
2022 Presidential PhD Scholarship (HK-PS), The University of Hong Kong
2021 Lam Fang Kwong Prize in Physics, The University of Hong Kong