Min Long

Ph.D. candidate

Department of Physics, HKU

Room 217, HOC Building

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Email:  minlo@connect.hku.hk

About Me

For me, Numerics ​​are just a technique, not a purpose.

Research interest: Superconductivity(because I'm happy researching that in my last work),Tensor Network(Especially quantum-assist algorithm for many body computation),  application of group theory in physics(I want to learn that via doing research:)

Aug 2023 - present The University of Hong Kong
Ph.D. candidate(co-supervised by Prof. Wang Yao)
October 2022 - June 2023 IMDEA nanociencia(Spain)
Assistant researcher (Supervisor: Francisco Guinea)
July 2022 - October 2022 Wuhan University
Research assistant (Supervisor: Shengjun Yuan)
Sep. 2018- Jun 2022 Wuhan University
Bachelor of Science in Physics
May 5, 2024 “Evolution of Superconductivity in Twisted Graphene Multilayers"
Min Long, Alejandro Jimeno-Pozo, Héctor Sainz-Cruz, Pierre A. Pantaleón, Francisco Guinea
March 21, 2023 Electronic properties of twisted bilayer graphene suspended and encapsulated with hexagonal boron nitride"
Min Long, Zhen Zhan, Pierre A. Pantaleón, Jose Ángel Silva-Guillén, Francisco Guinea, and Shengjun Yuan
Phys. Rev. B.107.115140(2023)  
April 20, 2022 An atomistic approach for the structural and electronic properties of twisted bilayer graphene-boron nitride heterostructure"
Min Long, Pierre A. Pantaleón, Zhen Zhan, Francisco Guinea, Jose Ángel Silva-Guillén, Shengjun Yuan
npj Comput. Mater. 8, 73 (2022)